Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Rain Complexities and Silly Stuff

"Unusual weather we're having, ain't it"  Cowardly Lion

Well my mind is full of random thoughts today!  I went to church this morning and when I came out it was misting rain.  Then it really rained. Later in the morning I had to go and sign my will at the lawyer's office and when I went out it was snowing!  I could only think of the Cowardly lion.  It is unusual weather. The snow was absolutely beautiful, big wet flakes falling gently from the sky gathering in my hair and on my coat.

When I finished signing the will, the snowflakes were not as large.  I drove over to the WorkOut 24, jogged for 30 minutes, lifted a few weights and used some machines and when I went back out it was misting rain again.  I would rather have the snow!

My other thoughts as I was driving around had to do with a friends blog that I read this morning.  He had put a link to a fun little thing he found on the web concerning LOST.  It just happened to be about my favorite character, Sawyer!  By answering a few simple questions you could procure a nickname for yourself from Sawyer.  Now, Sawyer's nicknames have been some of my favorite lines from LOST.  So I dived right in and and answered the questions.   As I was going along it occurred to me that I am a complicated person.  I could answer the questions in different ways at different times.  That set me to thinking about who I am.   Well, when I got to the Brain question, I could choose three. When I chose smart, and thoughtful my nickname turned out to be Ferdinand.   When I added logical to the equation it turned out Sand Dab.  Now sometimes my brain isn't logical or thoughtful, it is creative and impulsive. So when I combined smart, creative and impulsvie, Sawyer would call me Stork!   You notice that smart was always a choice!

Well I have always been this way.  I am not totally predictable at anytime and I am not always sure how I will think or act or react to any given situation.

So perhaps this character trait is why I can't get a man to stay.  Maybe men don't like women who are smart, thoughtful at times, creative at times, logical at times and impulsive at times. Who they never know what is going to come out of her mouth!

I spent 17 years trying to be the person my husband wanted and lost myself.  Now that he is gone I can be me again.   Whoever that is!

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