Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse and Bollywood

lunar eclipse
nounan eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow.
Bollywood |ˈbälēˌwoŏd|nounthe Indian movie industry, based in Bombay.ORIGIN 1970s: blend of Bombay and Hollywood .Lunar eclipse and Bollywood?  What one might ask does either of these things have to do with each other?Well, I would say, "At our house one celebrates the lunar eclipse by watching a Bollywood film that is a remake of the Hollywood film, An Affair to Remember", while enjoying a delicious pizza from Papa Murphy's.Yes it was a delightful evening.  Regena called to see if I would like to watch the film with her and when I mentioned I had not eaten yet, we decided to stop and get the pizza.  We were having a great time when 8:00pm rolled around.Now we were fed and warm and snuggled in, but we wanted to watch the beginning of the lunar eclipse.  We got up to head outside, reluctantly, as the air outside was particularly biting at 8:00pm, when Regena noticed that we had a wonderful view of the moon through the skylight in my family room.  How fabulous was that.  We could stay inside in the warm and watch the entire eclipse.  That was great planning on the part of the person who installed our skylight so many years ago.  A friend at work had e-mailed us reminding us of the eclipse and just as it started another friend rang me on the cell to make sure I knew the lunar eclipse was beginning.  It is a good thing when you have friends, especially when you have a menopausal mind.  But I am proud to say that I did not forget that this special event was taking place and I even knew what time!So we watched more of the movie as the moon passed through the earth's shadow and we did brave the cold night air to see the entire eclipse at 9:00pm.  We were glad that we went out because the sky was so clear and the stars were twinkling so very brightly.  Not a cloud in sight and the eclipsed moon was truly beautiful.Then we returned to the family room and finished watching the dramatic conclusion of Mann. What a nice evening, to share something special with someone special.

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