Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday mornings

 "It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."
James Thurber

Yes it is Monday morning and I am back to work after a fun-filled weekend.
I am starting work on 4 hours sleep, which means by the end of this long day I will be running on empty as Jackson Browne might say.

Friday and Saturday nights were the last two ice hockey games of the season. While this is sad, as I love ice hockey, it is also glad, as now I can be spontaneous on Friday and Saturday nights until September 26, 2008 when the next season begins. Which leaves me with the big question,  what possibilities are in store for my weekends until next September.

I enjoyed going to the games with Janet. They were exciting games. The Illini have a perfect season at 34-0 now.  Friday night when they came on the ice they didn't play their usual game during the first period.  But they quickly became the team I am used to watching. Saturday night was senior night and we honored and said good-bye to the senior class. Now they will be off to Rochester New York to play in the national tournament.  They will play Saturday night March 1 against Robert Morris (PA).  

Sunday was a pleasant and very long day.  After church we went home, ate breakfast, Janet started laundry and then we went back to church to have our photo taken for the new church directory.  I am anxious to view the portraits next week, as I will probably purchase one for the house and one for each girl.  Then Janet went off to do her thing,  work on the IUB  musical set and Regena and I settled in for an afternoon of Bollywood.  We watched a very sad film and then began a happier one.  I made Irish Beef stew with stout and we spent the day together until I had to take her to work at 6:00pm.  I began watching the Oscars, went to pick Regena up at 9:15 and she came back home, finished  watching the Oscars and then we finished the second film we had started earlier in the day.   Wow, it was after midnight when I took her back to her apartment.  Then by the time I got to bed it was 1:00am.  I am either crazy or....

I treasure all the time I get to spend with my daughters and losing a little sleep is not so bad.

So my big question for today is will I fall asleep at my desk?

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