Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2011

"It's so much more friendly with two."   Piglet      

I refused to have the after Christmas blues.  I get them every now and then, but this January I made plans to go to  L. A. to visit Regena!

Steve and I had a lovely Christmas together. It was different for me not having either of my girls home.  Oh I got to speak to them, Janet called from Germany on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Regena called from L.A. both days.  It was lovely to hear their voices.  But, I needed to see them.

I set out of a jet plane, all by myself!   First time for everything.  Darling Steve drove me to Chicago to catch a very early morning flight. What ever would I do without him! It was a comfy flight, no turbulence and my anticipation of seeing Regena had me very excited.

We drove straight to her apartment and I was in awe of her neighbor hood.  The apartment was great and the houses on the cross street were amazing. We set out on foot to visit her campus.  Which was so beautiful.  We went to a fabulous movie theater in downtown LA then home for some supper.

The next morning we set out for Griffith Observatory.  A fun hike from the park at the bottom to the Observatory at the top.  The planetarium show was awesome and the exhibits really fun.

Then it was off to Hollywood!  Hollywood was everything I expected and even more.  It was fun to think of the history of this studio driven era of movie making.   We of course went to Grauman's Chinese Theater.


And all the handprints in concrete!

Who could resist trying out Marilyn Monroe's hands,   wow! we have the same sized hands!  And of course the famous walk of fame   and finding our favorite stars!

Then off to the historic LA Farmers Market.  What a wonderful experience. So much wonderful food and produce and meats and all sorts of shops to buy delightful things.

Then we had a delightful dinner at Little Dom's in Lox Feliz.
A perfect end to a perfect day.

The next day saw us on our way to the Getty Center. If ever you go to L.A. , this is a must see.  It actually could be a two day event, there is so much to see.  We visited the exhibit of illuminated manuscripts from Belgium and the Netherlands   and then the ones from France.  We saw the painting which were amazing and to see The Irises by Van Gogh up close and personal was truly exciting.

Next stop Santa Moncia Beach
Stopping on the pier for a little pier food to munch on the beach!

Then back to the apartment for a fine dinner, via a trip to Trader Joes.

My January vacation and get rid of the after Christmas blues was perfect in every way.  Like piglet said,
"It's so much more friendly with two"