Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It amazes me

It amazes me 
and I know the wind will surely one day
blow it all away
It amazes me 
and I am so very grateful that you made the world this way

This is the refrain from one of my favorite John Denver songs.  I was lucky enough to see John Denver in concert 3 times, twice in St. Louis, once at the now long gone Ice Arena, where my favorite hockey team , the St. Louis Blues once played  and at Kiel Auditorium which now goes by some other stupid corporate name,  and once in Oklahoma.  All the concerts where absolutey fantastic.  He was truly a gifted storyteller and songwriter.  He played constantly, never left the stage, when the band went to take a break, he played on, sitting on a stool with his acoustic guitar.
Oh to be able to hear him again.

When Regena was a little girl, and we were taking driving trips in the car, we always listened to John Denver,  he is great for listening to when driving long distances, you can sing along,  and that is just what that delightful little girl did.  Now Regena sang all the time, and still does, she once asked if we could hear her singing in the backseat, because she was sure that she was blending with John Denver and we couldn't hear her.  She has been a joy in my life that is uncomparable.

So here's to JD, I plan on listening to all his albums today while I work.  And here's to Regena, who brings great joy to my life.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

88% Full

"The age of a woman doesn't mean a thing. The best tunes are played on the oldest fiddles." Ralph Waldo Emerson

This morning I am feeling like the waning gibbous moon,  88% of full. Okay, so you might wonder what makes an upbeat person like myself feeling less that full?

Well, you see I have finally realized that I cannot continue to just eat anything and everything that I want.  I think I am finally feeling like I am in my 50's! But, according to Emerson that should not mean a thing. According to him I am like an old fiddle.

So I embarked on the South Beach Diet.  I am not hungry.  I eat plenty.  The food is good, but the act of eating has lost its pleasure.  Which makes me feel sad.

I have started a challenge with a co-worker to get this extra weight off.  It is exciting.

It is possible that I am just tired today because of the stormy weather.  A good workout this afternoon should pick me right up, and then an evening with my guy will certainly brighten my mood.   Hey, I am feeling better already just thinking about it.