Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Fling

"Spring is nature's way of saying,"Let's Party".  Robin Williams

Spring break, Spring is in the air, the rain is falling.  My girls are on Spring break from university this week.  I have to work, but I am taking two days off.

 Remember the old film Where the Boys are?  This is still my  favorite film to watch during Spring Break.  All three of us are waiting for our Ryder Smith.
Oh well, one can dream.  Our Spring fling consisted of a night at Fiesta Cafe, a basket or two of warm chips and salsa, delicious vegetarian Chile Renos, enchiladas, and black beans and a pitcher of Margaritas on the rocks for R and I, J was the designated driver, as she is not yet 21,  and drank a Dr. Pepper!

We had a marvelously enjoyable evening. On returning home, we popped in a Bollywood film, Janet made a golden layer cake, from scratch, and we lazed around watching singing and dancing and eating cake.  Who needs a trip to the tropics, we created our own right in our very own family room.

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