Friday, March 14, 2008

I have been tagged

Oh what fun, I have been tagged.  I am very new to the blogsphere and I have been tagged by Soy is the New Black

So, I am supposed to share 5 facts about myself and  post the rules.

Five Facts about myself:

1. I absolutely dislike to make decisions.  The perfectionist part of me is always afraid that I will make the wrong decision. This is ridiculous since I live alone and have to make all the decisions!

2. I worked in pharmacy for 10 years as a pharmacy apprentice and never had the desire to become a pharmacist.  I loved the work, I just never wanted to be a pharmacist.

3. Before I was old enough to vote I was campaigning for George McGovern.  I walked a lot of streets handing out pamphlets.  A long time later, I got to hear him speak on the campus of the University of Oklahoma.

4. I have lived in 4 states; Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma and New York.  I found something marvelous about each and every place I have lived. 

5. I think Fred Rodgers was an amazing person who had an understanding of how children should be treated.  I used one of his books when I was home schooling my children in during their pre-school years and into 1st grade.  I got a fabulous veggie burger recipe and a recipe for Spaghetti Marco Polo from that book that I still use all these years later.  I have a wonderful book of his philosophies and teachings that I still read today.

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Gamera said...

Thanks for the tag---I have spread the word and posted my 5 Facts.