Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving Day

I am happy to report that moving day was quite a success at work. Well okay, this was the first phase of the move.  Now comes the moving around of offices at the main office.  But, we accomplished getting everything and more to the new space, all of the map cases were moved and are in place, and most of us went out for beer and burgers  after we finished up a very long day!

Two moments of the day that I found to be prize winners.  First there was a rather large table that had to move through 2, 90 degree angles, with not much turning space.  While we were all off back at the main office, eating lunch and packing another load, two wonderful people managed to get that table through the doors to its proper space.  When I got back I noticed immediately that the table was gone!  When Amanda told me that she and Paolo moved it, and that Paolo had figured out the way to get it in, I was totally in awe.

The second moment came at our surplus outlet where we were picking up even more furniture and bookcases.  The truck was nearly full, there were 7 bookcases, 3 chairs, a table and file cabinet to be added to the truck.  Then someone found another two tables they thought they needed and 3 more small bookcases.  Steve repacked some of the stuff in the truck.  When he saw the last two tables he said, "It will be fine".  We were all tired at this point and we cracked up at his delivery of this line.  He managed to get all the acquired furniture in the truck with the aid of two very helpful people.

The beer and burgers were the best part of the day.  
Cheers to all who moved yesterday!

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