Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Nothing endures but change. Heraclitus 

Change- to make or become different.  This little verb holds so many meanings.
To be able to make changes in my life and to survive them seems to be turning into an art form for me.  

Going hand in hand with change is moving.  This week at work, 4 of my coworkers are moving into a new rental space, just down the road.  Going with them is the oversized map storage that is part of my responsibilities here at my office.  Moving map cases is not a fun thing to do.  I have 4 young strong guys that are moving 37 map  cases for me.  Now these same 4 guys have to assist with all the other moving too.

Emotions are being tested this week. The atmosphere is tense around the work place. Moving is one of the most stressful things one can do.  I know because during my marriage I moved 7 times within 4 states in the midwest.  The thing that I have found to be true is that once you get through the move, if you haven't damaged any relationships beyond repair, everything settles down, as everyone settles in and people learn how to be happy in the new space, or house or state.

As for the move at work,  I plan to be as open minded as possible and be helpful in anyway that I can.  Things may not be ideal in the new space, but they will be real, and everything will turn out fine.

For me, I have been in my home now for 10 years, the longest I have ever lived any place since I got married in 1984.  The divorce in 2001, one of the most dramatic and life altering changes of my life, (my mother's death at 48 being the biggest life altering change for me) left me at least in my home, with my daughters, and I hope to stay there for as long as possible. However, you never know when the next change is just around the corner.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I hope the move at work goes smoothly. I'm not big on moving either. Thankfully I haven't had to do it much, but just the thought stresses me.