Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snow and random thoughts

"It's not over yet."  Princess Leia    

It may be March, but winter is telling us very loudly that it is not ready to go.  The clouds this morning are laden with snow, you can just see it in the darkness of the clouds.  The local weather forecast is for a mix of sleet and freezing rain this morning turning to snow this afternoon, with possible accumulation of 3-5inches.  Somehow this thought doesn't depress me.  The clouds were very beautiful this morning and the cold air was rather refreshing.  Maybe, just maybe, I really love winter and I am okay with  spring coming later in the month.

I remember one April in the early 1980's when my sister and I drove to the St. Louis Ice Arena to see John Denver in concert.  It was a nice evening when we left to drive across the old rickety Lewis and Clark bridge.  When we came out of the concert late in the evening, as John Denver gave really great concerts,  the snow was falling and falling fast.  The snowflakes were as big as dollar bills; I am not kidding.  The snow was falling at such an angle as to mesmerize the driver of the car, which was me!   It also made it very difficult to see where in the heck you were going.
We drove to a local restaurant in a North St. Louis suburb and tried to wait it out.  It just kept snowing!   So we bravely, got back in the car and headed for the bridge!  It was a frightening bridge, very narrow, very old and the road surface was not exactly in prime condition.  If you meet a large truck going the opposite direction you had to slow down and pray you didn't hit the rail.  The Mississippi River is really deep around the Alton area.  

Well we made it across the bridge, but the 15 mile drive to our home north of Alton was prolonged into about an hours drive.  There were times that the only way I knew which side of the road I was on, was by the mailboxes!  They were supposed to be on my right!  We, of course, made it safely, but it was the longest and scariest road trip I had ever driven.  My sister and I had lots of adventures before I remarried in 1984.

I am staying late to work to watch the semi final game of the ACHA tournament, my computer at work far surpasses what I have at home.  So here's hoping I can get home!  Of course my commute is only 7 minutes!

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billie said...

Drive carefully! I loved the bridge story.