Saturday, January 26, 2008

My inner child

I often get this e-mail from my friends.  In the e-mail you have to answer 10-15 questions about yourself.  Now depending on the day of the week, or the month of the year or just the present moment, some of my answers will be different.  

Two of the answers are always the same:  What is your favorite color,  answer:  now and forever  GREEN.   What was your favorite toy as a child, answer:  now and forever CHATTY CATHY!

Imagine the joy on my face when I got an e-mail from my friend Eve, and the subject was remember when?  There was my beloved Chatty Cathy just as she looked when I was a little girl.

I spent many loving hours pulling that string and chatting with Cathy!  I always was so happy to hear Cathy say "I love you" or "Please brush my hair"!  I was a very happy and well loved little girl, a little on the spoiled side.  I had a loving mom and a really terrific dad.  I loved to play with my dolls and all the stuff that went with them.  I was always every bit a girly girl!

I think it is good now that I am an adult, to always remember to connect with my inner child.  Remembering when is a game I love to play.

I am going to connect with my inner child next month (February, my least favorite month of the year:  probably a future post)  when I have my girl friends in for a night of games, munchies, drinks  (okay that one is on an adult level), and movies! 

Oh if only I could find my beloved Chatty Cathy again!  But she would probably be in an antique store!!

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spotted dog farm said...

your inner child party sounds so fun! i wish i could come. i think chatty cathy is so charming, i love her freckles.