Friday, January 11, 2008

Hockey Pucks

Even though I am single at this moment in life,  I have not always been so.  I have three delightful children; a brilliant son and two dazzling daughters.  Which brings me to the thought of Christmas!  I know we are past the season,  but the spirit of giving has been instilled in me by my lovely mother.  Mom knew how to keep the season and loved to give gifts at Christmas.  We didn't always have a lot through out the year, but mom always made Christmas a wondrous event.  Thanks Mom, I miss you.
As my mother gave me the gift of giving, I seem to have passed that along to my children.  They seem to be making up for the fact that I have no spouse to ply me with wonderful, amazing, touching gifts at Christmas.  The girls made sure I had plenty of new DVDs to watch (especially if the writer's strike continues and the television programs I like are not on).  The also gave me a surround sound stereo system that I can use on the tv or on the stereo. Imagine my surprise when I saw the big box with my name on it on Christmas morning.
Janet always makes sure I get a pair of christmas socks.  
Now we open our gifts on Christmas Eve, as that is how it always happened at my house when I was a little girl.  I always thought it was because when I was young my dad worked shift work,  but I think maybe it was mostly because my mother couldn't wait any longer to see the looks on our faces!   Well, I selected one of the smaller wrapped boxes from Regena. I carefully unwrapped ( because we recycle Christmas wrap, I mean to say we re-use it from year to year adding a new roll every year) the package and to my surprise ( and my face showed it) inside was a hockey puck!   I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because why would she be giving me her hockey puck? 
Regena had been walking by the north end of the arena while the team was on the ice practicing.  Janet and I were sitting in the first row on the west side as usual.  Well a hockey puck came soaring over the glass just as Regena was walking by and she caught it.  We were so excited when she returned to her seat.  She said," Do you think I should give it back?"  That's my Regena!  Of course, Janet and I both said at the same time " No Way!"  It is a hockey fan's desire to catch a hockey puck.     
So when I opened the gift, Regena said to me, because of the puzzled look on my face, "Mom, its the hockey puck I caught,  I thought it would mean more to you."
    These are the moments in life that don't get any sweeter.  I have the best children, and they have always been that sweet.


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