Monday, January 28, 2008


Men; I seem to spend a good amount of time thinking about them.  

I would like one that looks like this!  

Okay just kidding,  I would like one that looks like Johnny, but I would settle for
a decent, caring, unselfish regular guy.  Unfortunately those seem hard to come by.
I have given the most popular internet dating sites a fair chance.  I am here to say, they aren't very good.  The sites tell you to broaden your ranges of age, increase the distance you are willing to search and any other thing they can to try to get matches for you so they don't look like failures.  

Well I tried all those things , even though I really don't want a 65 year old man that lives 2 hours away!  I met about 15 men in a 3 year period and I AM STILL SINGLE!

My experience with men is that they are fundamentally self centered and selfish.  That being said, I do have a list of very excellent men!  Men that care as much about their wives and families as they do about themselves.  Men that don't think that their wants are all important above everything else.   Here they are:

My Dad.  Can't say enough about him.  As a child growing up I learned how men are supposed to treat the woman they love and the family they  created.  It is the standard that I have gone by. Unfortunately, neither of the two men I  married lived up to the standard.

My brothers Pat and Mike.   They both have very nice families and have been good husbands and fathers.

My brother-in law Pat.  My sister is a very lucky woman!

My nephew, Pat.  

My cousin Jerry.  I have recently reconnected with my cousin.  He is the 6th out of 8 children in his family and is the cream of the crop in that family.  He is a kind and gentle spirit, and he reminds me of his mother, my Aunt.  He is a good father and has two very great children.

My friend Mike; in today's world which is much harder to live in than the one I grew up in,  Mike is the best dad and husband that I know.  I love to hear stories of his kids and the fun things they do together.  Mike is still the guy he was before the wife and kids, he has just added another facet to himself.

My friend Wendy's husband Jim,  and my friend Brenda's husband John.  

The stories I hear of these hard working family men  keep hope alive for me that maybe someday I can find a really decent, caring, unselfish guy.  

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