Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Against the Wind

"I'm older now but still running against the wind"  Bob Seeger

I have been in love with Bob Seeger for a long time.  I saw Bob Seeger at the St. Louis Ice Arena, a long time ago.  The St. Louis Ice Arena;  that sounds so wonderful.  It was a great building where the Blues played hockey and they held concerts at other times.  A time before large corporations bought out everything and changed all the names of the event places to things like the United Center or  the Scott Trade Center and turned the sporting events into extremely large advertising venues.  You can hardly miss all the advertisements if you go to a Blues game now. The St. Louis Ice Arena was imploded years ago , but it held many great memories for me.

But I digress.  Bob Seeger has a great gravelly rock voice and is a terrific storyteller.  My dad got me a Greatest Hits Cd for Christmas.  It has many of the songs I love from the vinyl albums that I still have stored at home.  Against the Wind is one of my favorite songs. I have always been running against the wind.  It seems I always do things the hard way.

I got married when I was 20 years old.  Stopped going to college, married, had a baby and was divorced after 3 years.  Then I went back to school and got a degree, while I worked all day and raised a 15 month old child and my little brother ( because we had lost our mother when he was only 10 years old).

Then after trying to get it right the second time, I waited 9 years to get married again. I dated a lot of guys.  After finding one that I really thought I connected with,  I got married and had two more wonderful children.  But I was still running against the wind, as I decided to stay home and raise my children while my husband went to school and finished up his masters and then his doctorate.  

At the time I thought it was a grand idea, and I wouldn't trade the years I got to stay home and be a full time Mom for anything,  but I find myself "Older now and still running against the wind", as my husband left 7 years ago, after 17 years of marriage, for another woman.  I am trying to survive on a lower salary and keep things stable in my life and the lives of my girls. 


Which brings me to what I really wanted to blog about,  the weather!

The wind here in Urbana was so wonderful and strange last night.  Regena had to work and needed a ride home at 9:30pm.  Now I am happy to oblige her as I get to have a chat and she brightens up my life.  I dropped her off at work at 5:30pm, went home and ate and showered and snuggled up with a book until House came on.  House is my favorite tv show now  I think.
I watched House while the wind seemed about to burst through my bedroom window!  

When I went out at 9:15pm to drive the few miles to Pages for all Ages, I was amazed out how the world looked.  It was beautiful and eerie.  Lots of clouds and amazing wind gusts.  A small amount of snow on the roadway.  But with the cold temperatures and the wind and the snow, I felt like I was in a scene from Dr. Zchivago.   As I was driving through the country the snow was coming down and blowing and the lights of Savoy had an eerie yellow blurry glow.  It looked like I was looking at the world through the lens of a camera with a filter on it.  

I sat waiting for her to come out and the wind was blowing so hard I thought the car might just blow away!    Anyway it was really amazing and I just love to chat with my girl.  When I got home I suggled up with the book again and listened to the wind howl.

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