Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Further Adventures of a World Traveller

Ok so I am not really a world traveller, but because I have a wonderful dad, I did get to travel to Scotland!  Regena went to Stirling Scotland to do her junior year abroad.  My dad paid for us both to travel to Scotland to visit her and see some sights.  At first I was terrified of flying over the ocean.  Prior to this trip I had only been out of the US a few times,  visiting Canada.
I felt like my dad had provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I treasured every moment of the trip, especially getting to spend the time with my dad.  Regena met us at the airport and the fun began. My favorite day of the trip was when we went to Loch Ness for the day. We took a tour bus and our guide was funny and very knowledgeable.  I have put Loch Ness onmy list of the best places on earth. I felt like I was living a fantasy the entire time I was in Scotland. To this day it still doesn't feel real even though I have photos to prove it.

This is the second installment of Blessed Family and Friends.  I have one more exciting, (well to me at least) adventure to record, at a later date  Then I have to get on to all the thoughts that are rambling around in my head!  

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