Friday, January 25, 2008

Empty Nest

Last evening I was reflecting on this strange state of being that I have entered. 

Empty Nester: A parent whose child has left home.

Well I am cannot really be considered an empty nester quite yet.  But my 
nest is feeling rater empty.  One of 3 children is totally flying on his own. The 2 of three is 98% flying on her own  and 3 of three has couple more years at home, but is living in a dorm at present!

My reflections led me to that place where I know I am not supposed to be alone.  This time in life is when I was supposed to be doing things with that man I fell in love with and raised these adorable children with, who now have much more time for.   Well life does not always turn out the way one expects.   Mark Twain said "The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself"  In that respect I am not that lonely.   I  am longing for that male companion  who understands me and shares some of the empty times.

I am feeling a little like this bird in the photo,  the nest is empty (nearly) and I am stuck on a ledge.

Happy times tonight however, because Friday is Hockey Night in Urbana!

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