Friday, January 2, 2009

Who is making all the money?

It is winter in the midwest and it is becoming increasingly difficult for average income families to afford to heat their homes.  My question is who is getting rich from the cost increase for natural gas in the winter?  I am quite sure the people that own these companies don't have their thermostats set to 64 degree F during the daytime and 59 degrees in the overnight hours.
I have always been fairly conservative with the use of energy related fuel.  I care about the earth I live on,  but I have to say that I am becoming alarmed at the cost of heating fuel.  I don't think I can set the thermostat any lower without freezing all the pipes in my house! Not to mention my children!

You see I just got the gas/electric bill and it is a whopping $337.00!  The highest it has ever been.  The power company in our area just got approval for a price increase!  Now  I try not ever to complain,  but this bill is a tough one to pay on my budget.  I work hard, have good benefits, but not a tremendous salary.   

I would just like policy makers to learn that normal people still have to live in the winter and these monopolies that control our power are getting rich, while we freeze to death.  I have no choice as to who supplies my natural gas and electricity. 

So whom ever in the Illinois legislature that okayed an increase to Ameren IP I hope that you are warm and cozy in your homes. I just tested their theromostat calculator.  It seems that I can't turn down my thermostat any farther to save money!  It is cold in my house.  We wear sweaters, layered over sweaters.   My house is well insulated and is not that old (1970).  There is something wrong in a state where a low to moderate income family cannot turn the thermostat up to 68!

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