Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Burns Night Supper

Let other poets raise a fracas 
"Bout vines, an' wines, an' drucken Bacchus, 
An' crabbit names an'stories wrack us, 
An' grate our lug: 
I sing the juice Scotch bear can mak us, 
In glass or jug.

Robert Burns was born in Alloway Ayershire on January 25, 1759. Burns Night Suppers have been celebration of the poet of Scotland for a long time.

Steve came across a Burns Night Supper in Lafayette Indiana on January 31!  When he invited me to go, I was immediately very excited.  I had intended on going to the hockey game with Janet on Saturday night, it being the last game of the season for her, as she leaves for Scotland on February 5 to study at the University of Stirling.  You see we, Janet, Regena, and I are in love with Scotland, and all things Scottish. 

Regena got to attend a Burns Night supper in Scotland with her friend from Glasgow.  She told me how wonderful everything was and all the fun things that happen at the dinner  and I was envious.  Now I get to attend, not in Scotland (this time, maybe someday) and I just can't wait! Here is what I can look forward to:

Order of the supper
1. start of the evening
2. Host's welcoming speech
3. Entrance of the Haggis (usually piped in)
4. Supper
5. Loyal toast
6. Immortal memory
7. appreciation
8. Toast to the lassies
9. Reply to the Toast to the lassies
10. other toasts and speeches
11. Workd by Burns
12. dancing 
13. closing

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