Friday, February 6, 2009

Waiting ....

"One had to take some action against fear when once it laid hold of one." Rainer Maria Rilke

Okay, so yesterday, February 5, 2009, fear was trying its best to take hold of me.  But, I refused to let it control me.

Regena and I dropped Janet off at the airport just before noon.  We watched her go through security and watched as she walked off to her gate.  She was smiling and waving and I was trying to control my emotions.  I mean I really didn't want to just break down and cry incessantly at the airport!

I dropped Regena off at work and went to work myself.  I tried very hard to concentrate, but it really was no use.  I left work and did an errand, then picked Regena up.  It is very hard to say goodbye to one of your children, when you know you won't see them again for 41/2 months!

Steve came and took Regena and I to Krannert Uncorked and a glass of wine and some munchies later, I was distracted, but just a little.   We had a nice turkey dinner at home and I watched a movie with Regena.  I began to fall asleep at the end of the film, but sleep was elusive. I knew I would not feel at ease until I had heard from Janet. 

I got an e-mail this morning.  She is in Dublin, waiting.... to fly to Edinburgh.  I will be happy once she is in Stirling, at her flat and I can be in contact with her more!

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