Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Funk

What may be done at anytime will be done at no time.  Scottish Proverb

It is a gray February morning in Illinois.  I am stuck in a February funk!  Now I know how many things I have to be grateful for,  I am truly grateful,  but I cannot help this February funk that hits me every year!

The wet gray morning did remind of Scotland, but the mist didn't seem to bother me there.
I found this great Scottish proverb ( okay I am just trying to find ways to get out of this funk), and it got me to thinking.  I have been procrastinating a lot lately!   I need to do a lot of things around the house. I need to pick up a book and sit and read for hours, after I get all the work done around the house.

February has been the month that has brought a few life altering events for me. I guess that is why I get the February funk. 

That being said,  I have a wonderful man in my life now, who treats me better than any man ever has. So I try to concentrate on all the good in my life in the present moment. I have a great trip to the Lyric Opera coming up at the end of the month,  which is good, because that is the weekend my mom died. I can mix the sad with some happy.

I am truly looking forward to March, birthdays, spring green, getting out in the yard, and seeing the end of winter!

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