Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some things are essential

"I've learned that a fulfilled life is not possible without friends."   " The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Well I am back to work, back to my more normal routine.  It was nice to be able to stay home and take care of my girl as she recuperated from the surgery.  She is doing so well, and now she can take care of herself while she keeps getting better and better. It is nice to see her smile again, even though she is smiling with a swollen face!  Her eyes are lighting up again and the smile and light comes through her beautiful eyes.

This experience has taught me many things.  One of the most important, and one that I have always really known, is how important it is to have friends.

I am passing along another of the wonderful "I've learned" quotes from my little book.   I've always needed friends. I didn't make everlasting friendships in high school, as some people do. Most of my high school friends, I barely remember.  I have moved around so much that I lost contact with old friends.  

The lasting friendships I have made in my adult life. My hours of waiting in the surgery waiting area at the hospital were made easier by friends.  Two of my lovely friends showed up with hot coffee and muffins for me. I was sitting alone, with my book and journal and crochet work, having to interact some with my ex- husband, worried about what my girl was going through when my delightful friends arrived and just made my morning. 

It was so grand to have them there and to talk to them, if even for just a few minutes.  They had taken time out of their work day to take care of me. I hadn't told anyone where I was exactly and after stopping at two of the possible places I could have been, they were persistent and found me on that 3rd floor waiting room.

I have not had coffee that tasted so good! 

While I was off taking care of my girl I received e-mails from several of my friends asking how she was doing.  When I got back to work my dear friends took time to ask about her and to listen as I carried on and on.

Good friends listen when you need to talk.

I can't imagine a life without friends.

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