Friday, May 30, 2008


"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." Ralph Waldo Emerson
Well it finally arrived, Friday, and it has felt like a long week despite the fact that we had Monday off as a holiday, and that I was off work for 4 days last week.
There was quite a bit of work for me to accomplish this week and I succeeded in reaching all the goals I set for my work week. For that I feel quite good.  I still have a lot of work to do next week and for that I feel thankful.  I have been feeling very satisfied with my job.
That is not to say that I am totally looking forward to the weekend!  If it is not raining on Saturday I will be out in the yard working on the gardens, but I am also looking to just sit and read some and enjoy some movies with my daughters.
I plan on having a peaceful weekend.  I am finding the way to inner peace,  I am not sure how it has happened, but things that I used to find very stressful, suddenly don't seem to bother me so much.  I am still a worrier, however.  Until my girl is fully recovered from the surgery she had I am going to worry, but somehow the peace that I am feeling currently is tempering the worry  some.  So I awoke this morning, thinking of her, waiting to talk to her today and feeling, well, peaceful.   
For all that I have I am truly thankful.

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