Monday, April 21, 2008

A foggy morning

Driving to work this morning the sky was lost in a light fog.  It was rather dull out. 
It rather fit my mood this morning , as I woke up with a bit of a headache and feeling quite dull myself.  I was just about to feel that the drive into work was going to make me feel very unsettled,  when I looked out over the area just south of me, just before the softball stadium, and the fog was settled just above the ground, like the mist hangs in the air in Scotland.  I never felt dull or unsettled on my trip to Scotland. I was always just amazed at how the mist hangs over the land and then clears to show the beauty around.  The sight of Wallace Monument through the mist was quite lovely.  
So except for the fact that central Illinois is pretty flat, I got much the same feeling as I did when I was in Scotland.  The trees abloom in colors of white and pink and red, the sunny daffodils and the bright yellow forsythia where all still visible, but shrouded in a foggy haze. 
Oh yes, and perhaps part of the unsettled feeling for me this morning was the sensation of another aftershock of the earthquake that hit the area last week!  It is so odd to be awakened by the sensation of movement, the stillness of the night and the slight rumble of the shaking of the earth.

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