Thursday, April 24, 2008


The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.  Albert Einstein

Today more fun from Live and Learn. Now I am really excited about these tidbits of wisdom from ordinary people.  I don't think that I have had so much fun with a tiny little book in a very long time. Here is my favorite "I've learned,  at least for today.

I've learned that people who wear Mickey Mouse watches are usually creative and fun to be with . Age 33  

What a wonderful idea.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a mind like Albert Einstein? I would love to time travel and to just get to watch this man to see how his mind worked. Wonder if he wore a Mickey Mouse watch?  No, seriously, I am always fascinated when I read anything about Einstein.

Mickey Mouse is an icon and an amazing bit of animation.  Have you ever seen Steamboat Willie.  Now I know there are lots of people who dislike Walt Disney. True he was a business man and very much a corporate entity, but he gave us Mickey Mouse and so much entertainment for the masses.  It is true that we had to endure the heartbreak of Old Yeller (I can't watch that movie anymore)  and we were introduced to death at an early age (remember Bambi's mother?)  but Mickey Mouse is the undisputed best carton character for me.   

Oh yeah,  I just happen to wear a Mickey Mouse watch!  I got it when my niece and nephew took me to Disney World to cheer me up just after the collapse of my marriage.  I love that watch, and I love my niece and nephew!

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