Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend update

"I was at a fight and a Hockey game broke out"   Bumper sticker

Friday night's game proved to be an interesting game of hockey. Oakland seemed to want to play hockey.  But the dominating National Champs were too much for them to take.
They became frustrated and turned to sloppy, fighting thugs. A gloves off fight, in the 3rd period, left Heredia without a jersey and a game disqualification.  The Grizzles player who started the fracas was also disqualified,  and the poor official ended up on the bottom!  Several other near fights occurred but we managed to make it to the buzzer and win 6-0.

I figured Saturday's game couldn't get worse,  but alas it did.  With the Illini up about 7-0 the in the first period the Grizzle's turned nasty again.  Another fight, two more players disqualified in the second period,  and a 3 Grizzle receiving a game misconduct and escorted off the ice.  The third period slowed down a little and the Illini won 12-3.  Three individual players, Pringle, Nemeth and Jennings had hat tricks (each scored 3 times).  

All in all it was an exciting two evenings!


Angie said...

How fun!! I need to catch a hockey game. A million years ago Indianapolis had a team called "The Ice." #9 was oh so cute and he had a bit of temper :)

Single at 50 said...

J will be gone in January. I will need a hockey buddy. Maybe you could join me some Friday or Saturday night!