Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Magic Land

"The snowdrop and primrose our woodlands adorn, and violets bathe in the wet o' the morn."  Robert Burns

I pulled out of the garage this morning to begin my drive to work.
I was expecting to see the full moon still in the western sky.  I stepped outside last night at 10:30 to view the bright full moon in the crystal clear sky.

It seemed strangely dark and quiet out.  When I pulled out of the garage, the ground was damp, the sky shrouded in a fine mist.  Mist hung about the street lamps giving them a soft yellow glow.  

I was immediately transported to a magical land I once visited two Octobers ago.  That land, the birthplace of Robert Burns,  is known to the world as Scotland.  I long to return to that land and feel the magic once more.  I am even wearing the shoes I trudged all over Scotland in.  

I love  the wet o' the morn.

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