Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life."  Sophia Loren

Lately, I have been carrying around a lot of baggage. It comes in the form of men. Men I have been married to, men I have dated;  Men who have been jerks.

I feel like I am carrying around 5 large bags everywhere I go. They are just with me at present.

I feel like I have made some mistakes in my life.  

Recently, I have met a truly good man.  I am having a wonderful time with him and look forward to each and every time we can be together.  The funny thing is, when I met him for the first time, I didn't have any idea that I would feel this way about him.  It has blossomed gradually.  I am looking at this as a good sign. Perhaps all that "love at first sight" business; that immediate attraction, is a bad thing for me. I certainly have made some bad choices in the arena of love.  

I want these men out of my head ( the baggage that is).I want to board an airplane and have the airline loose this baggage for me.   I just want the one good one to be there, in a special place of his own.

I figure if a beautiful women like Sophia Lauren had made mistakes and lived through them,  then so can I. 


Angie said...

Ok ready for your visualization exercise? I want you to imagine that you are at an airport. You are standing at the baggage claim area. You spot the carousel. You see the 5 large bags coming towards you on the carousel. You watch them come...and you watch them go. You don't claim the bags (the shitty men) because you don't care and you don't need them. You walk away with NO bags. Feel better? Deep breath.
And if we all worried about the mistakes we have made in our life most of us wouldn't leave the house! My mother use to say that when she got into heaven, that if God judged her for the stuff she did from the ages of 17-30 she knows her stay in heaven wouldn't be long. :) Ok pep talk is over.

Single at 50 said...

Thanks I needed that!