Monday, October 20, 2008


"Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none travel alone." The Dhammapada

 Well I will have to admit that the people that I traveled with were every bit my equal!  I was just looking for a quote about travel and came across this tidbit.   

I had to actually, look up what The Dhammapada is-  A collection of 423 verses containging the Buddha's essential teaching on some 305 occasions for the benefit of a wide range of human being.  So there!

So the point of this post is that I traveled to Milwaukee for a professional conference.  I just love Milwaukee, but unfortunately I left my camera at home (with my chapstick and sunglasses).   The conference was pretty good,  I heard some interesting papers.   My paper went quite well, I felt like some one else giving it, so I guess the actress in me kicked in.   A malfunction of the remote control for the computer, during the paper just before mine, left me having to give a nod to the girl at the computer each time I needed a slide change.   She was marvelous and did very well.  It was a bit strange trying to look up at the audience without signaling a slide change,  but it all went well.  It didn't even freak me out when  the batteries died on the guys paper just before mine.

I managed to get to an ice hockey game on Saturday night (skipped the banquet, which I had not any desire to go to).   My friend had read that the Rockford Ice Hogs were in town to play the Milwuakee Admirals for their first home game.  The stadium was one block from the hotel, so after a delightful Thai meal, Alex and I headed over to the game. It was my first time at an AHL game and it was fun.  Alex is a Chicago Blackhawks fan, and the Ice Hogs are the farm team for the Blackhawks.  Being a Blues fan, I was less excited about the team, but had a great time anyway.  Felt sorry for the home team, as they lost in a shootout after the 4 minute overtime,  hard way to loose.  It seems the Blackhawks faired equally as well Saturday night as the Blues beat them in a shootout!  Go Blues!

Back at home the Illini swept the Buckeyes in two games.  My girls said Saturday night's game looked more like a practice than a game!   

On my return home on Sunday afternoon, I went to an Organ Spectacular with my very nice and thoughtful date.  This is turning out to be quite and exciting dating experience, as we have much in common, as he  his is a warm, generous, genuine guy.  I didn't know that I actually like pipe organ music!  It was fascinating watching a truly gifted organist play that beautiful instrument.

A whirlwind weekend, that was truly fun!

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