Monday, January 4, 2010

Time for a great movie

"Have you ever loved a woman Razin?" Dr. Zhivago

The new year has begun with bitterly cold weather! A perfect opportunity to build a fire in the fireplace and put a film in the dvd player. What better movie to watch than Dr. Zhivago.

The best time to watch those frozen scenes is when the weather is cold and brisk.

While I have to admit, it is one of the most depressing films ever, I just love to watch it in January. My favorite person in the entire film is Tonya. She is good and kind throughout the entire film, when she was wealthy and when she was very poor. Even when her husband trotted off to Yuriatin to "visit the library".

Now I cannot despise Zhivago. The poet in him is so lovely. I mean he did choose Tonya and was going back, but fate intervened. Not sure that I ever liked Lara. She was weak from the get go.

But I do love the imagery in the film and I love being snuggled up and watching in the cold cold month of January.

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Janet said...

Now I want to finish watching the movie...even though I dislike Lara as well!