Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Out with the Old in with the New

Maggie darted about like a blac-stockinged bird.... Wende Devlin

The old year was amazing, can’t wait to see what the New Year will bring.

2010, I can scarcely believe I will soon be writing that date.

But, firstly I must discuss Christmas. My Christmas was amazing.

My Dad was able to make it through the rain storm to be with Janet, Regena and I for Christmas Eve.

We had a white Christmas after all, which meant that we got to visit with Dad for a few extra days! He actually couldn’t get out due to weather until Dec. 27. We surely enjoyed having him around. We went to the movie theater on Christmas day to see Sherlock Holmes. I haven’t had the chance to go to the movies with my Dad for a long time.

Presents! There were lots opened and enjoyed. Let me just say I have delightful, wonderful, caring, giving daughters.

From Regena : DVDS El Dorado ( I love John Wayne)

Gidget (Sandra Dee)

Elvis compilation tape with 4 movies!

Do Not Disturb (Doris Day and Rod Taylor)

The Glass Bottom Boat (Doris Day and Rod Taylor)

Benny and Joon

A book on whales , some sake, and a delightful aromatherapy body cream(I will be having time to relax and enjoy that very soon!)

Also, she got me soft socks and filled my stocking with goodies (including Jack Daniels Coffee and chocolate and peppermint and homemade soap)

From Janet: DVDS Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Tammy (one with Debbie Reynolds and two Sandra Dee)

Soft brown reindeer socks

A lovely scarf

A metal spatula (one that Uma will not be able to eat!)

Lotion and bath gel in my stocking

I certainly won't be bored when they both go off to grad school next year.

I received a bottle of Baileys from my Dad. Which I have sampled already!

Steve. One reason my 2009 was so awesome. Not only did he make my dream of Cape Cod come true, he is making all my dreams come true. Maybe some of my loyal readers (both of you) remember that I blogged about the marvelous book Cranberry Thanksgiving. Well, I now own my very own copy! Steve bought it for me for Christmas. He also gave me a bottle of Irish whiskey, with a trip to Ireland attached. YES, you read it right, A TRIP TO IRELAND in 2010!

I feel very fortunate and have had a year filled with family and friends (of which I feel extremely fortunate to have several very dear friends).

I am looking forward to a new year, but leave the old one with fond memories to last a lifetime.


Janet said...

Donder and Blitzen are in front! :)

Janet said...

Whoops! I posted on the wrong entry....but that's okay. 2010, here we come!