Thursday, September 25, 2008

Am I dreaming or just crazy?

"Dreams are often most profound when they seem most crazy."  Sigmund Freud

Last night, or should I say very early this morning I had the strangest, craziest dream I have had for a long time.  I can remember most of the details this morning, now that I am awake, but a few minor details have slipped my mind.

I was at my doctor's office for a checkup,  but then she started to ask me about this person in the lobby and sent me to check on two men in the hospital.

Now one of the men seemed okay.  He was not too ill,  but the other man just lay in his bed with a strange vacant, almost haunting look in his eye. He looked very sad.

The woman in the lobby turned out to be my ex-husband's next wife.  We will just call her HW.
HW was in the middle of the lobby at a desk with a laptop computer, doling out birth control pills to anyone who wanted them.  I of course thought this was very strange,  what is an anthropologist doing handing our birth control?

She passed by me in the hall, next to the room with the two men.  HW turned to her cohort (s0meone that was assisting her)  and said "I will need that man in the bed, next, for testing."
Okay, I was in a panic,  I thought to myself,  there is no way you are getting this man,  I have been sent to protect him.   As I watched her walk away, I marveled at her choice of clothing.  HW was wearing some sort of linen looking light colored pants with a white designer backpack hanging over her butt.  Now I thought what a bad choice,  her butt looks enormous!

So I went back to my doctor's office and told her what I had heard.  She said, " That is not right, don't let her take him."   So I went back to the men's room, and the man who was not so ill tried to help me converse with the strangely haunting man to see if we could get him to respond so we could move him ( rather like Michael Corleone trying to get his dad,  the Don, moved into a another room, in this deserted  looking hospital, so the enemy couldn't kill him).

Then a nurse appeared out of nowhere, I could hear the voice of HW in the hall, I was holding the door  closed.  The nurse said, "She only wants him if he is autominor."  Now, I had no idea what that meant, but I was not going to let her in!  I said to the nurse,  "Find the number for the Department of Anthropology,  hurry,  we will get this straightened out."

I was ranting about how stupid this was, HW is not a medical doctor.   Then someone told me, "Oh didn't you  know,  she is an RN now."

I was flabbergasted,  then the sound of NPR morning edition woke me up !

Not sure I ever want to know what this dream means!

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