Thursday, August 21, 2008


"Adopt the peace of nature: her secret is patience." Ralph Waldo Emerson

The transition of living with someone else in the house and then being all alone, still has me rather disoriented and a little sad.  

I spent a lovely evening with a couple of friends, eating, drinking, talking,  playing games, and well just making merry.  I still had difficulty falling asleep, even though I had a nice evening. I have been exercising at the gym (yes I found a new one I like since my old gym fell to ruin) and then going for a swim, which usually wears me out for a good nights sleep.  

I am not feeling peaceful, I think.  I am feeling fidgety and unsatisfied.   A gentle rain has begun to fall, and while I was hoping to go to the pool to swim today, as there are not many days left to swim,  the rain seems to be bringing with it a sense of peace for me. I actually like a nice rainy day every now and then.  The flowers in the garden have been so thirsty.  Maybe I have been thirsty for a nice rain too. 

So I will finish up at work, then enjoy the rain, while reading a good book and having a cup of tea.  Maybe tonight the sleep will come easier.

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