Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nature's Splendid Light Show

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"  Aristotle

My muscles were tired and very relaxed as I laid on the sofa in my jammies watching an episode of Alias with J.  The swim earlier in the day was very exhilarating, it felt good to push myself, swim faster.  The day had been so dreadfully humid and the water felt so delightful. While this was so much fun, it left me exhausted and ready to relax.

While watching the dvd, J decided she needed a cookie!  No cookies in the house.  So we decided to leave a bit early to pick up R from work so we could get a cookie and a drink and just hang out in the book store for a bit.  I plied myself off the sofa and got dressed, I didn't bother to put on any makeup, however.   We had just heard some thunder and saw a flash of lightning.   My friend called to tell me that he had just seen the weather on t.v.   A line of thunderstorms (the red ones on the map)  was headed our way.

Well J and I decided to go ahead and set out for the book store,  I mean I had gotten out of my jammies, might as well head out.   The light show in the western sky was awesome on the way to the bookstore.  I wasn't really raining,  yet!  It wasn't frightening, just beautiful in the night sky.

We got to the book store and R was glad to see us.  We ordered steamers,  Strawberry for R and  Almond for me and each got a cookie.   J took advantage of he wireless at the book store as she opened up the computer and began to surf.   I wandered around and picked up  a few books to peruse.  I found two books on body sculpting ( I have been toying with the idea to buy some dumbells and ankle weights for home workouts).  I picked up Mario Lopez's exercise book, just because he is so cute and I thought J would enjoy the pictures!  I then got a travel book on Ireland.  We sat and sipped the steamers and the hour went by so quickly, then it was time to close the store.  Just then the rains came!   We helped R with some closing routines, just to get out of there in a timely fashion.  I went to the parking lot to get the car, so J wouldn't have to get her computer bag drenched.   Well the rain was coming down so hard and at such an angle that my pants got drenched.  My head stayed dry with the umbrella, but not so the pants and shoes!  I drove to the door and picked up J, then we drove to the employee entrance and picked up R. 

Well the light show that nature provided us with on the drive to R's apartment was tremendous and mesmerizing.   Truly awesome.

When we got to R's street we noticed a tree had been struck by lightning on the west side of her building, then we noticed another tree, half down and struck by lightning on the east side of her building.  She got out and waded through the puddles to get to her door.  We set off down High Street to Race.  Just north of Illinois street we had to turn around in someone's drive way as a large tree was blocking the entire street!   We went around the block and  met up on the other side of the tree.  It was all very exciting and I just couldn't sleep once I got home.  I read a bit and finally relaxed enough to sleep.  

So today I may be a bit groggy at work, but last evening was quite exciting.

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