Friday, April 24, 2009

Opportunity Knocks

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas A. Edison

Friday my favorite day of the week.  The weather is beautiful, but may get a little warmer than I like at this time of the year.  I am not complaining 
however,  I am enjoying the sunshine.

I have a beautifully tilled very large piece of my backyard just waiting to be planted.  Thanks to Steve my garden spot is ready and waiting.

Regena planted some seeds in peat pots and has been nurturing them for several weeks now.
The peppers are sprouted and hopefully are ready for the outdoors. She planted some watermelon seeds and some herbs also.  The watermelon look ready.   I gave all the seedlings a little taste of outdoors yesterday.  They spent the day in the garage, but I carried them out to the sunshine for a few minutes as I transplanted some Irises and finished putting the rock in my rock garden.

The call to grab the trowel was too strong for me yesterday. I have some new rose bushes ready to plant and a couple of very pretty border plants to put in.  We have lots of flower seeds to sow in our newly tilled flower garden.  

We have strawberry plants and onions; star gazer lilies and peonies; radish and zucchini seeds, along with green bean and carrot and yellow squash; three tomato vines are ready and waiting.

Hooray for Friday and I am anxious and ready to plant (I don't however have a pair of overalls!, but Steve does and I hope he dons them to help me plant my garden.

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