Friday, April 17, 2009

Glorious Day

"Oh how this spring of love resembleth
The uncertain glory of an April Day! 
William Shakespeare The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 1 Scene 3

Oh what a glorious morning to be sure.  Spring is in the air. Life is good.

Driving to work this morning, I realized how light the morning has become.  Now I love driving to work in the dark, still, coolness of the morning,  but I was struck with the beauty of the day on my drive in this morning.

I looked up to see the third quarter moon in the sky, and watched the sun glinting off the stadium as I passed it. There were more cars on the street than usual.  I sometimes see one or two when I drive in at 6:15am but there were 6 cars this morning.

The love quote of the day "Love is the beauty of the soul" seems to just encompass how I feel this morning.

The love I feel for my son and daughters, my dad and my brothers and sister and their families and for Steve fills my soul with beauty and joy.  I was thrilled and excited to greet the day.

On my way to St. Charles this Saturday to share in the love my nephew feels for his fiancee as they unite in holy matrimony.

Love and Spring are in the air!

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