Thursday, November 6, 2008

For the beauty of the earth

For the beauty of the earth, 
for the glory of the skies, 
for the love which from our birth
over and around us lies;
Lord of all, to thee we raise
this our hymn of grateful praise.   

Folliot S. Pierpoint

Driving to work this morning I was awestruck with the beauty of the earth.  I am adjusting to more light as I leave the house, with the end of daylight savings time, it is now light when I leave at 6:15am.  

This morning, I just smiled all the way to work.  I don't know if it was the wet spring, or the few cold days and then the warm ones,  but the trees are wearing the most brilliant colors I have seen around here in a long time.  Everything just looks so beautiful.  Before people get handy with their rakes,  the earth is blanketed in a brilliant quilt of reds, yellows and orange.  It is truly awe inspiring.   

The sky to this morning seems to be a blanket.  The clouds are carrying some rain, but the sun barely peeking through them this morning made the earth even more beautiful.   

So I raise a glass of cheer to autumn.

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