Friday, June 13, 2008

Enduring Summer

"Enjoy when you can endure when you must." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So summertime in Illinois brings with it two things I simply have to endure.
The first and most depressing thing about summer for me is mowing the lawn.  I don't like the lawn, I don't like the grass.  If I could afford to landscape my entire yard, I would get rid of all the grass, put in premium mulch and bunches of beautiful bushes, flowering and non flowering. I would put in a shaded gazebo sort of thing with a swing and tables and maybe a small pond with a little waterfall near the gazebo.  So I could sit and swing, sip  iced tea, read a good book and listen to the sound of the water.

Oh I must stop dreaming! It is just that I finally got around to mowing last night and the grass was high, I felt buggy and sweaty and sneezy. So I got to thinking about the things I don't like about summer.  I really am a fall/winter person you see.   

The second thing I don't like about summertime in Illinois is the humidity.  Feeling sticky as you exit a cool shower just isn't fun.  Then when you eventually turn on the air conditioning because you just can't stand it anymore, and you get out of the shower and get all dressed up to go out and have some fun and as soon as you step out the door you feel sticky and sweaty.   Ugh! Not to mention that my hair gets very big in the humidity!  It is not easy to control.

Then thirdly there are the bugs!  Definitely not a bug person.  I get all hyper around grasshoppers, mosquitos bring diseases and flys, well they are just gross.

So I plan to endure the mowing  and the humidity and spend as much time at the pool as possible.

I do like the long nights and the days of sunshine. Those parts I will enjoy.

I am holding out for as long as I can with the air conditioning at home.  Not happy about paying big energy bill and in fact using all that energy bothers me.  So I will hop over to the library and sit and read and sip coffee if I feel the urge to be cool, that is when I am not at the pool!

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