Thursday, June 12, 2008

Anything but Ordinary

"A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days." Johannes Wolfgang Von Goethe

Someone may have noticed that I have been absent for a while.  Frankly, I have been bored. Bored with everything.  I have been working like a working dog,(I am remembering a truly delightful bit on Seasame Street a very long time ago that had a working dog and a catchy tune, but I digress, and I am starting to write like Faulkner) I have been totally in the bottom of the barrel financially, and have not had anything in the way of fun things to do come my way and haven't even been interested in a book ( until just the other day).

I should note that I have been happy just to sit and watch a movie with my daughter in the evenings after working a long day.

Last evening the boredom lifted!  We( my youngest) and I finally decided to spend the money ( and in this case it was her money we spent!) and renewed our membership to Windsor Swim Club!  We immediately went home, put on our suits and walked to the pool.  At around 5:00pm the majority of the teens go home and the pool has much more room to swim laps. We swam and swam and then lazed by the pool in comfy loungers and read until we dried off.  It was so totally relaxing, laying there looking up at a blue sky with puffy white clouds and the sun descending on the western horizon.   I lay there basking in the sun reading my AARP magazine (that is too funny, but there was a good article about writing memoirs and an interview with Martin Sheen, whose real name is Ramon Gerard Estevez!   

After the swim, I went home showered, cooked supper, watched a movie with J and then finished my novel, that I almost couldn't put down while reading it. It was a fun, full of fluff, entertaining novel set in Dublin.

So I hope the boredom train has left the station for a while.   I was bored with being bored!

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