Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Time Again

When the air is filled with twinkling bells
And the trees are white with crusty shells
When the frost is on the windowpane
It's December time again

When the snowflakes cover up the sky
And little faces breathe a happy sigh
Old man winter's here to entertain
It's December time again

The mistletoe that's growing
Will soon be picked for showing
That lovers like this season of the year
Those sleigh rides so exciting
The fancy colored lighting
Are certain signs the yule tide's growing near

When the woodman fells the evergreen
And little carollers appear upon the scene
And the heaven's echo their refrain
It's December time again

(song lyrics Walter Grieve)

I am so ready for December time.
The forecast for today is possible flurries.
The air this morning has the crispness of December.
Bell ringers have begun their vigil of standing in the cold
to raise a few dollars for the needy at this time of the year.

On Sunday, we make the long trip (across town)
to choose a Christmas tree.
Then the awesome task of decorating.
Shopping has begun, and in fact is almost done.
I have a couple of traditional shopping trips planned
with friends.
My family is coming on Dec 12
to celebrate the holidays
together at my home.
Then the long wait until Christmas Eve.

Yes it is December time again.
I am certainly feeling the spirit of the season.

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mountainlady said...

I am very happy to find someone who loves my father's song. A few corrections is called,"December Time" and it's tinkling not twinkling.

How do you know this song? Where have you heard it? I would love to chat with you!