Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"I have enjoyed the second blooming... suddenly you find-at the age of 50, say-that a whole new life has opened before you." Agatha Christie

So another year has passed and I am a year older.  Hurray!   I had a very exciting day with my friends and loved ones.

Now, if you know me you know that I love birthdays,  mine and everyone else's.  It just happens that my mom loved birthdays.  We celebrated and had grand times.  I always miss my mom most on my birthday.

My day started with a sausage biscuit breakfast, from my friend Nate; Lunch was a grand affair at Bombay Grill.  I picked Regena up and she accompanied me and 8 of my friends for lunch. The buffet was extremely tasty.  The manager, who I think is beginning to recognize Regena and me, asked her if it was a special occasion.  She told him it was my birthday and how to spell my name.  Well, they brought out a delicious plate of desserts, mango ice cream and some other fruity ice cream with little dough balls and Happy Birthday Stephanie spelled out along the edge of the plate.  They sang!   Then the two managers and the waiter each shook my hand and wished me many happy returns of the day.   It was so much fun!

I got presents!   Flowers, for my garden and for my house from 3 of my friends, a lovely coaster to sit my wine glass on, and a collection of  Celtic music from two other friends. And birthday cards, lovely ones!  My friends are lovely people.   There was also coffee cake in the morning!

The fun has just begun.  After work, Regena helped me carry the flowers to the car and we went home and I  opened the presents from her.  You can guess,  3 DVDS that I wanted, a set of bamboo kitchen utensils to replace the ones that Uma ate, a lovely celtic symbol bedspread and cheese!  Lovely tasty cheeses including my favorites Stilton and Gorgonzola, a nice goat cheese from France and then another one that I can't remember.

Then Steve came.  I opened his presents!  Beautiful wine glasses(I have managed to break all of the ones i had), a lovely candle and a beautiful Willow Bark figurine.

Then it was on to pick up Liz so we could go to Kamakura for supper!   She gave me some lovely daisies in a vase.  Then on to the fun at Kamakura  and it being Steve's first time, we had fun.
Regena and I shared some warm sake  and we ate and ate!  Then home for Williamsburg Orange cake that Regena had painstakingly made for me!

Steve had to leave for work, but Regena and Liz and I then watched Dancing with the Stars and Castle.  I  got a call from Emma, which was delightful.  Then I had to go to bed!

Everyone's birthday should be this much fun!

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