Monday, March 2, 2009


"Imagination is more important than knowledge..." Albert Einstein

I am ready to chuck it all and go and work at the Lyric!  Okay, so not really.
After the backstage tour that Steve and I took on Sunday, my creative side got fired up.  Now there is not all that much creativity in this mind, so that is saying a lot.

We had the most magical time in Chicago.  The 4 hour Wagner opera, Tristan and Isolde, was worth going to just to experience the set!  It was tremendous.  The light slowly came on behind the firewall revealing what appeared to be a painting. Then the singers began to move.  The set design and lighting were so awesome that I felt like I was being walked through a beautiful work of art.  It was sort of like the moving paintings in the Harry Potter movies.

As we were having breakfast on Sunday morning, we noticed that it had started to snow.  It was so beautiful.  Now I would not have expected to be happy about snow on March 1, but it seemed to be just part of the magical weekend.

We set off for the backstage tour of The Civic Opera house.  We enjoyed a nice lunch in the lobby, watched a little of a new opera that is opening at the Lyric, which looks totally amazing, The Abduction of Seralio, by Mozart.  I have never heard of it, but it would be a fun one to see.
The tour started in the opera boxes!  Now one could used to the comfort of an opera box!  We got some history of the opera house and then on to more and exciting adventures.  We were on the catwalk, looking up 140ft at the flyway, we were in costuming, makeup and wigs (40 hours to create one wig!), properties room, the orchestra pit(got to stand where the maestro stands to conduct), and the stage.  The stage crew were disassembling the pieces of the set from Tristan and Isolde.  It was fascinating.

I wanted to work in properties, in costuming, in makeup  and on stage crew! What a fascinating career to be involved in. The lady in properties made reference as to what an imagination you have to have to work props.  I know this as both my girls were props head at the high school. They are full of imagination!

But, it is Monday morning and my sensible side has taken control again.  I am at work, bringing home the bacon!

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