Monday, August 27, 2012


"The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes."  Frank Lloyd Wright

I have been contemplating life and aging quite a bit of the time lately. I find this quote by Frank Lloyd Wright rather inspiring.   I took a day trip to visit my dad for his birthday.  Driving by my old high school, it struck me that I just don't remember the girl that spent 3 years of her life in that building.  I can't remember her much at all,  did she have dreams, aspirations, friends.  Was she funny or annoying or had any goals in life. I am sure she must have, but the woman that I am now, just cannot quite recall that girl of so long ago.

I have been feeling lonely for days gone past.  I miss people that have been so important in my life that I rarely get to see these days.  I work  and work and work every day to make money to live in my home.  A home that I shared with my children. A house full of memories.  

I find with all this meditation that I have been rather lucky.  Sure I have some sorrows that will never leave, but they can sit quietly in my mind, until I need to dust them off for a good cry every now and then, but overall, I have been lucky and content.  I have been fortunate to be able to travel some,  I have seen amazingly beautiful places and I have gotten to share that joy with people that I love.  I have truly wonderful family and friends and I think I agree with Frank Lloyd Wright.

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